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Hardneck Garlic - Russian Red (Fall Planting)


Grown locally here in Maine

Shipping starts the last week of September!!

For planting in Fall of 2018

Hardneck-Rocambole type. An heirloom from the Canadian Pacific Northwest, brought over by immigrants from Doukhobor, Russia in the 19th century. It continues to be popular due to it ability to perform well in cold climates, while handling a wetter winter soil. Deep flavor, warm and long lasting with a sweet aftertaste. Produces consistent sized cloves, 5-8 per bulb and stores well 6-7 months. Planted in composted amended soil the 1 ½ -2-inch bulbs will produce hearty sized bulbs the next season. Don't forget to harvest and eat the scapes (Soup, Pesto, Hummus) the following spring or leave a few on to produces bulblets for planting next fall.                                    

                                                          3 bulbs per order


Grown in soil tested free of garlic bloat nematode.


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