How to Place a Quick Order:


Step #1 - Click “Quick Order” from the Green Top Bar

Step #2 - Enter your Chosen “SKU” Number(s)

  • On this page, you can type in the SKU number of the product you would like to order. The SKU is the 5 digit number assigned to the product - In your catalog, you will find it next to the product name. 



  • On the website, when you’re on the product page, the SKU is above the product title on the right, next to the photo



  • Type a SKU number into one of the boxes 



  • Then click “Add Product” to add it to your quick order. 



If the catalog item number is 3 digits or less, you will need to add ZEROS to the beginning of your SKU: 
-For an item like ‘Alcosa Cabbage’ SKU 60 = you will need to enter “00060”


  • If you are adding more than 10 products, you can click “add more products” at the bottom of this page to continue adding products via their SKUs. 



Step #3 - Add to Cart & Check Out

  • After making sure all of the items you want are on your list, hit "ADD TO CART". 
  • If you skip this step the items will not appear in your cart when you try to check out. 
  • Once you have selected "ADD TO CART", it will bring you to your cart page, where you can review your order before checking out. 



If you have any questions or complications in regards to ordering our seeds online, or any questions about our seeds in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


Happy shopping!