Mason Bee Nest Replacement Tubes (50 pack) - Crafts,Supplies
Mason Bee Nest Replacement Tubes (50 pack)
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Mason Bee Nest Kit (Standard) - Crafts,Supplies
Mason Bee Nest Kit (Standard)
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Busy Buzzy Pollinator Collection - Seed Collections
Busy Buzzy Pollinator Collection
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What's great about the Busy Buzzy Mom collection

A gift set that Mom, the garden, and the pollinators alike will adore. Our Busy Buzzy Pollinator seed collection will provide mom with the perfect selection of annual flowers, inviting a variety of pollinators into her garden and sporting beautiful, eye-catching blooms. The Mason Bee Nest Kit and Tube Replacements will give Mom a place in her garden for the bees to thrive. Mason Bees are docile, early-pollinators, and these nests will give them a safe place to find quality shelter and make their home. Include a packet or two of our Wildflower and Bird and Butterfly mixes, and Mom's pollinator-friendly garden will be in full-bloom!

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