Alexandria Alpine Strawberry (100-120 Days)

$ 1.95

The Alexandria Alpine Strawberry is a treat when you are working away in the garden, and their flavor is so much more delectable than standard strawberries. This variety doesn't take up much space with compact-sized plants that produce few runners. We have ours growing as a border in the herb garden or tuck a few plants into the corners and edges of the vegetable or flower garden. The Alexandria Alpine Strawberry will grow successfully in containers if ground space is hard to find. Day Neutral. Zones 3-8.

20 seeds 



Fragaria vesca

Germination: 14-30 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 65-75ºF. 

Seed Sowing Depth: On the surface, needs light to germinate

Starting Indoors: 10-12 weeks before the last frost. Cold treat seed by sowing into moist soil or a paper towel, wrap in a clear plastic bag, and place in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks. After cold treatment provide 65-75ºF soil temperatures until germination. Transplant after last frost and when plants have at least 3 sets of leaves, 12" apart.

Sowing Outdoors: Not recommended

Tips- Plant the Alexandria Alpine Strawberry in well-drained, sandy loam to fertile soil amended with compost. Mulch with straw to keep weeds down. To encourage strong seedling root growth pull off flowers for a month or two after transplanting.