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Radish Pods: What to do When a Good Radish Goes to Seed

Radish Pods: What to do When a Good Radish Goes to Seed

I discovered radish pods by total accident last season. I was a bit lazy in my gardening maintenance due to travel and some of my radish plants bolted. I LOVE radishes, so I was a bit disappointed to start over, but little did I know what tasty morsels were about to appear. The plants went to flower then the seed pods followed. Out of curiosity, I decided to sample the succulent little pods. To my surprise, they were fantastic! The taste was spicy and peppery like a radish, but more tender and crispy. They had none of the toughness a radish can acquire when left too long or due to hot weather.  Soon, the radish pod became a staple in our summer kitchen.

Radish Pods on Wood

If you want to try radish pods, you can use any variety of radishes and let it bolt (or go to seed). One radish plant can yield hundreds of pods. Let some of the pods drop and you will also get some volunteer plants the following year. The Rattail Radish variety is ideal for radish pods production specifically because it does not produce a radish root. For me, I prefer the option of radish root or the radish pods.

Radish Pods in Hand

Some great culinary uses for radish pods:

  1. Add some zing to salads
  2. Substitute for snap peas
  3. Adding freshness to a stir fry
  4. Pickled (try a recipe HERE)
  5. Lightly sautéed as a side dish
  6. Garden snacking

Radish Pods with stem and flowers

So don't fret this season if you miss out on a beautiful radish harvest.  Let it go and enjoy the fruit of a second chance with radish pods.  You can purchase radish seeds HERE.

2 comments on Radish Pods: What to do When a Good Radish Goes to Seed

  • Jas
    JasApril 05, 2022

    My attempt at growing radishes this past spring failed, so instead I am hoping to encourage them to bolt so I can have pods and seeds. I bought a fancy bag of rice that had some radish seeds mixed in and they were delicious!

  • Charlene Gough
    Charlene GoughNovember 29, 2018

    That’s good to know! Thanks!

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