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Product Number: W288

Zucchetta Tromboncino Summer Squash (Heirloom, 60 days)


Germ 7-10 days
Italian Heirloom
This tasty zucchini grows like squash and will need a lot of room for its 15’ runners. Light yellow-green fruit is slender with a bulbous end and should be harvested at about 10”. Leaving it on the vine can produce variously twisted squash specimens 3’ long and 6” wide and can be used like a winter squash. Firmer than the zucchini we’re used to; flavor is mild and delicious. Can be grown up a very strong trellis. Tolerates squash vine borer. 20 seeds


Indoors- Plant in individual biodegradable peat/cowpots 1/2”-1” deep, 3-4 weeks before last frost with soil temperature 70 degrees. Transplant 36” apart after last frost without disturbing the roots

Outdoors- 1/2”-1” deep after last frost, in warm soil at least 70 degrees. Sow a few seeds per space/hill with 24-36”.

Harvest- Check and harvest a few times a week. Cut or kindly twist off fruit, starting at a 3-4”.

Tips- Plant in fertile soil amended with compost or well rotted manure and keep well watered. They benefit from growing on black plastic and by using row covers for weed, insect control, and more rapid growth. Fertilize on a regular basis by watering with compost tea. Sow every few weeks for a continuous supply.

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Mary E.
United States

Tromboncino Squash

We grew these many years ago and wanted to do so again. I had a good germination rate with a little slow starting afterwards. Transplanted to 20 gallon containers with lots of rich compost and a drip system water source. Two months in and the plants are growing up our neighbors 6 foot fence and running along the top another 4 feet. Many blooms and 4 inch squash starting. I feed them now every two weeks with diluted fish fertilizer or compost tea. These are wonderful squash with a unique flavor. I will grow them again.


Pinetree Garden Seeds

Hi Mary, We can very much understand your disappointment, after waiting so long for your harvest to come. We will email you separately, to get more information. Pinetree Garden Seeds

Bob V.
United States


loving the squash.

Kay N.
United States

I’m going to need a bigger squash tower!

My Indiana garden got a late start because we had snow and cold right up to May 1. Then the weather abruptly turned August-like. I got my squash plants in the ground near the end of May. June 15 they are already halfway up my 8’ tower. And they show no signs of stopping! A few tiny squash have set on. Can’t wait to eat them!

Eileen M.
United States

Rabbits ate them

I sprouted them in my kitchen window then acclimated them in a covered frame. They looked great. I planted them and rabbits ate the stems left the leaves) I am so disappointed because zucchetta pants are not available locally

Moz Harding
San Diego

Huge vine, huge harvest

I wish I could post a photo of this beautiful vine and all of the vines that sprout from it. Like long pale green ornaments, the fruit hangs, well, everywhere. Sauteed it has the subtle taste of artichoke. Simply delicious, but believe me, you need to delegate one long fence for it to climb on!

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