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Zinc Oxide (1 oz)

This is used in cosmetics to whiten and thicken lotions, bath soaps, nail products, foot powders and baby lotions. It is an anti-oxidant that soothes, protects and helps heal skin. It is able to absorb both UVA and UVB ultraviolet light, making it a physical UV block and is approved by the FDA as a sunscreen lotion. It also is used as an astringent and helps relieve itchy skin, rashes and burns. Is used .2-2% or even higher- depending on its use.

For an easy 8oz. sunblock lotion: add zinc to your lotion and stir thoroughly.

For a low SPF of 2-5 = 1 tsp. of zinc oxide

For a moderate SPF of 6 -11 = 2 tsp. of zinc oxide

For a high SPF of 12-19 = 1 Tbsp. of zinc oxide

For a very high SPF of 20 = 2 Tbsp.
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