Yu Choi Sum Greens (20 Days)

$ 1.95

The Yu Choi Sum Greens are a fast growing green, harvested young as small leaves called Yu Choi or mature with the leaves, stems and flowers just about to open, as Yu Choi Sum. Young leaves have a light broccoli/chard flavor and the thick tender, stalks of the mature plant have a pleasant bitter taste. Steam or stir fry and tossed with some vinegar, garlic, soy sauce and ginger. 

300 seeds



Brassica rapa var parachinesis

Germination: 4-10 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 68-80ºF. 

Seed Sowing Depth: ¼" deep

Sowing Outdoors: After last frost. Sow 1" apart, thin to 3-4" apart. 

How much does a packet plant: 20 foot single row 

Harvest: Stems,leaves, and flower buds

Tips: The Yu Choi Sum Greens should be planted in fertile, well drained soil. Work in compost or well rotted manure into your soil before planting. Provide adequate, even moisture for the best growth, especially from the middle to end of summer. Mulching helps retain moisture. Prolonged spring temperatures below 50ºF can cause bolting.