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By Will Bonsall
A Maine native, visionary and director of the Scatter Seed Project, Will shares more than forty years of wisdom in a friendly, conversational way. From gardeners and homesteader, beginners to experts, his rare insight into how to become fully food self-reliant, eliminate the use of off-farm inputs like fertilizers, minerals and animal manures by practicing plant-based agriculture. To achieve real wealth we need to understand the economy of the land and using the finer points of soil fertility of on-farm plant materials like compost, green manures, perennial grasses, and forest products like leaves and small brush or ramial wood chips. He also covers information on companion planting, trellising, improving soil drainage, avoiding pest and disease problems, threshing and winnowing grains, beans and oilseed crops, milling, baking and malting, freezing, fermenting and drying, and growing a diversity of crops from both cultivated and perennial plants. His methods are all vegan-based and garden scale, with basically hand tools, rototiller and shredder. An incredible resource for those pursuing self-sufficiency. Softcover – 388pp
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