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An everbearing, white version of fragaria with a delicious flavor and decent sized berries on vigorous green plants which grow 8" to 10 " tall. Birds are not attracted to the white berries which are produced from late June to frost. Strawberry plants should be cold-treated before planting. Cold-treating simply involves placing the seed in an airtight bag or container and putting the seeds in your freezer for two to four weeks to simulate a winter's exposure. When you remove the seeds from the freezer, leave them in the bag or container without opening for several hours to let them slowly get back to room temperature before planting. Approx. 50 seeds.


Indoors- 12 weeks before last frost. Cold treat for 2-4 weeks by placing in an airtight jar or bag and put in freezer. Bring to room temperature before planting. Press seed into soil, needs light to germinate. Cover with a clear dome or place in a plastic bag to keep evenly moist and provide 65-75 degrees until germination which can take 2-4 weeks. Transplant out after last frost and when plants have at least 3 sets of leaves.

Tips- Plant in well-drained, sandy loam amended with organic matter. Mulch and keep moist.