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Product Number: HS10-1

West Indian Lemongrass Herb Plant ***SOLD OUT***

Cymbopogon citratus


This lemongrass differs from the East Indian type, which can be grown from seed, the West Indian can only be propagated vegetatively. It has a more bulbous base and larger stems, often preferred in culinary uses with a strong lemon-citrus flavor and scent. It works as an ornamental grass too, in a container or in the ground. We have even brought it indoors for the winter. Full sun. Grows 24-36”. Zone 10-11.  Starts are  2 ½” and are shipped in the spring.  

West Indian Lemongrass is one of three herbs included in our   Aromatic  Herb Plant Collection. Take a look at the 3 vibrant scents this collection can bring to your garden.       

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