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By Edward C. Smith. Edward Smith and his wife, Sylvia, have tended their richly fertile garden in northern Vermont for over three decades. With over 1500 square feet of berries, flowers, herbs and nearly 100 varieties of vegetables using his comprehensive and exciting new system of gardening, that he has been refining over this time. His easy to use system, which he refers to as the W-O-R-D, to remind us of the wide rows, organic methods, raised beds and deeply dug soil that underlie everything Ed does with his tips, insights and suggestions. You will discover these along with the trellises, companion planting and basic crop rotation that all leads to his remarkable harvests. This book contains photos following Ed through the whole year from the first day of soil preparation to putting the garden to bed and also numerous charts, tables and garden plans to help you plan and plant your own vegetable garden. Softcover 310 pp pub at $19.95
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