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Trowel & Error

Over 700 shortcuts, tips & remedies for the gardener. By Sharon Lovejoy. Sharon is a best selling, award-winning author who will captivate you with her folksy approach and scientific knowledge, and her love of gardening. Shows you how to combat pests naturally, the easiest way to eradicate weeds, and how to start seeds as well as many other tips you might need in your garden. The charming illustrations and home-spun remedies will have you looking through it again and again. Some might surprise you with their simplicity, but they do work! You will find easy and resourceful tips for many of your garden needs. One simple idea, use complete NPK - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to de-ice anything that is near landscaping instead of salt. The potassium melts the ice and the phosphorus will provide a slip-proof surface without injuring roots or killing plants. Softcover 206 pp