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HEIRLOOM pre1900. A very large fruited variety but well suited to short season areas because it matures in less than 90 days. Fruits are 2 feet across and 1 foot wide with weights from 25 to 40 pounds. The rind is green with darker green stripes, thin and hard. The flesh is sweet and red with brown and white seeds A popular, productive, home garden variety. 20 seeds.


Indoors- Individual biodegradable peat/ cowpots 1/2” deep, 3-4 weeks before last frost with soil temperature 70 degrees. Transplant 36” apart after last frost without disturbing the roots.

Outdoors- 1/2” deep after last frost in warm soil at least 70 degrees.

Harvest- Look for the following signs as it does take some practice on telling when they are ready to harvest. The closet tendril to the stem dries, there is a crack in the stem that attaches to the watermelon to the vine, where the watermelon touches the ground it should be a butter yellow color, give it a knock with your hands it should sound hollow, the skin is dull, and slipping of the stem from the melon with slight finger pressure.

Tips- Plant in fertile soil amended with compost or well rotted manure and keep well watered. They benefit from growing on black plastic and by using row covers for weed, insect control, and more rapid growth.
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