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Petunia - Tidal Wave Silver

The silvery white blooms with dark purple centers are truly distinctive, highlighted by deep purple veins. This variety has a particularly nice aroma in the evening. An All America Selection for 2002. While most of you will grow this variety in a container, they can grow to a height of 3 feet if provided with a trellis. Neither pinching nor pruning is required to produce flowers all season. Petunia seeds are very small and need light to germinate. Spread the seed on top of damp soil and press in gently before watering. Cover the container with clear plastic and place in a warm (70* to 85*F), bright area. DO NOT place in direct sunlight. Seeds should begin to sprout in 7 to 10 days. Remove the plastic and move to a bright, cooler (60* to 65*F) area. You may put petunias under fluorescent lights until they are ready to transplant outside, just keep lights 4" to 6" above the plants, raising the lights as the plants grow. 10 seeds pelleted