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The Vegetable Growers Handbook

By Frank Tozer. The subtitle, "A user's manual for the vegetable garden", says it all about this book. This is the manual to have and it will be used - over and over and over again! It contains all the information one needs to successfully grow 82 vegetables, along with herbs, edible flowers, and edible weeds. If you're adventurous with your crop selection, you'll find them here, along with the standards, - everthing from Chinese artichokes, soy beans, micro greens, and watercress, to amaranth, oats, quinoa, wheat, and peanuts. The format is terrific, with all the information presented under specific headings: seeds facts, (germ temps, times length of viability), planning facts (plants per sq ft, per person) Harvest facts, nutritional contents, soil and location needs, spacing succession sowing, care, harvest, cooking, varieties, and much, much more. You'll find the information you've been seeking and even better - it comes from Tozer's personal experience in over 30 years of organic gardening. Softcover 214 pp.
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