The No-Till Organic Vegetable Farm

$ 24.95

By Daniel Mays

No-till is a method of growing crops and providing pasture without disturbing the soil. It has become an important alternative to standard farming practices. In this comprehensive guide to successful no-till vegetable farming for aspiring and beginning farmers, author Daniel Mays, owner and manager of an organic no-till farm in Maine, shares his personal and proven strategies. Learn how to: maximize production and efficiency through soil health and biodiversity, maintain a weed-free farm, integrate cover crops and livestock, increase resilience through interplanting, hedgerows, and beneficial insect habitat, build community and a vibrant customer base, and make a good living from farming. Learn how you can use this approach while maintaining a human-scale operation with fields, tools, and methods sized for people rather than tractors or machinery.

Paperback – 240 pp