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Product Number: H430

The Insect Zapper ***Sold Out***

Tennis anyone? Put an end to those pesky garden insects without the use of sprays or nets. This incredible tool is shaped like a tennis racket that actually zaps them dead in one swipe. This powerful unit puts out 2400 volts run by two D size batteries. The paddle-like head is woven with tiny strands of wire with protective screens on both sides that will not give you a shock when you touch the surface. In our trials we quickly passed the zapper over a plant and instantly killed literally hundreds of cucumber beetles in our squash patch. Keep the zapper handy for other annoying insects from the tiniest such as: fleas, fruit flies, bed bugs, gnats, mosquitoes, and fire ants to the larger ones like roaches, deer flies, house flies, horse flies, yellow jackets, bees, hornets, spiders, centipedes, moths and even Japanese beetles! There is more...On the end of the racket head is a 5 in long mini zapper for hard to reach corners. Also features an LED light that shines brightly in the dark,and attracts more bugs. Hang it with the strap, so there is no need for swinging. An optional narrow feeding tray that snaps together and placed onto the end of the head for food bait to capture those carnivorous bugs is also included. 21 1/2 in long, 8.5 in x 10 in paddle and weighs less than a pound. Batteries are not included.
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