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The Holistic Beauty Book

By Star Khechara
Proven, safe, easy, affordable, skincare recipes that you can make at home! Star has been a natural skin care formulator for 18 years, using fragrant and therapeutic plants, exotic butters and nutritional oils to create spa quality holistic beauty products for all skin types. She has a professional background in aromatherapy and nutrition, develops courses and programmes at the School of Holistic Cosmetology, teaching organic skincare formulation. She offers over 100 natural recipes for gorgeous and healthy skin while avoiding ingredients that you are allergic to, allowing you to tailor them to your own specific skin needs. She talks about natural ways of feeding your skin, beauty from within, essential oils, potion making basics, equipment and packaging. The recipes are for face, body, hair, hands, feet, bath, and baby. Softcover – 176pp
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