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The Harmonious Garden ***Sold Out***

by Catherine Ziegler. It can take years of trial and error to discover how to use color, form and texture to create successful plant combinations. So, take a short cut and observe the 150 small-scale plant groupings Ziegler presents here. Her groupings are great because they work for the way most of us garden, small sections at a time. Each combination, of 2-4 plants, it presented in a color photo. This is accompanied by a full page discussion of the plants, the design components of that combination, the number of each variety needed, their positioning, space needed, growing conditions, and how the grouping will progress through the growing season. In part two, Ziegler provides and extensive "quick glance" alphabetical listing of plants, pertinent information, and their associations. There is a lot of depth to this book - it is one of those you will refer to year after year, always learning more. Softcover 292pp Pub. at $24.95
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