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The Gardener's Life ***Sold Out***

by Lawrence Sheehan. Yes, we fell for a coffee table book. But where else can you visit such an eclectic group of extraordinary gardeners, collectors, and others whose achievements have been inspired by the garden? And view them in over 300 full-color photos in a luxuriously large format? First, we visit "inspired plantsmen", like Allen Haskell whose garden center resembles a world class botanic garden, Rose Storey Farm with over 15,000 rose bushes, and Sal Gilberties renowned herb farm. Then we met the "passionate collectors" whose obsessions run from garden art, books, antique ornaments, and botanical china, to antique lawn mowers. Finally, we met those with "singular visions" who create inspired by their love of plants. Among them is a potter, a sculptor, a photographer, and from the past, the Blaschkas, glass artisans who created the exquisite glass botanicals at the Harvard museum. Softcover 240pp Pub at $50.00
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