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The Complete Illustrated Book of Herbs

The Reader's Digest Book on Growing, Health & Beauty, Cooking and Crafts. Herbs are much more than little potted plants on your windowsill. There are literally thousands of plants growing beside highways, bushy shrubs in mountain areas and tall trees in lush tropical rain forests. This book combines traditional knowledge and herbal wisdom with up-to-date advice from gardening experts, herbalists, natural therapists, cleaning specialists, craft experts and cooks to show you how to grow herbs successfully and make the best use of them in your daily life. It contains and A-Z directory on more than 100 herbs with information on gardening herbal medicine and cooking. You can easily simplify your life and improve your home with the information gathered here. Get rid of chemicals and make your own powerful stain remover by putting a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on a moist cloth and dab onto a laundry stain before washing. This and other helpful information in this book will move you toward better and healthier living. Softcover 400 pp