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The $64 Tomato

by William Alexander. Brooklyn-born Alexander transplants himself to an old house on 3 acres in Winchester County, NY. There he lives out his gardening fantasies that range from orchards, organic husbandry, canning, and heirloom vegetables. These bring him up against what all gardeners know - that nature's challenges make every year a new adventure. He tells his garden woes with great humor and lots of sarcasm. You'll laugh as you read each chapters hurdle. You also will not feel to sorry for him as he had seemingly endless monetary resources for his garden. You see what a mess the "poor little rich gardener" gets himself into and how much money he throws at his problems. "Money can't buy garden happiness", but it's fun to see someone learn the lessons experienced gardeners learned at a much cheaper price! Hardcover 270pp Pub at $22.95
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