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Tender Perennials

By Ian Cooke

What are tender perennials? Cooke defines them as "any perennial plant that will grow successfully outside in temperate climates during the summer months, but requires some winter protection". It depends on your garden zone. Cooke gardens in Britain. Whatever the definition, those presented in this book are a diverse, colorful, intriguing group of herbaceous plants, shrubs, bulbs and tubers. Cooke provides a large A-Z guide with descriptions, histories, propagation and cultivation advice and highlighted varieties. You'll be amazed at the number of varieties of such plants as argyranthemums, cannas, coleus, dahlias, diascia, fuchsia, heliotropes, pelargoniums, penstemons, salvias, and verbenas (just to name a few!). Cooke also offers ideas and numerous garden plans for displaying them. Spectacular color photographs illustrate their vibrant beauty. Hardcover 192 pp pub. at $34.95