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Tahitian Butternut Winter Squash (110 Days)

You could almost have enough squash to last a whole family all winter with just one or two plants. The impressive 20’ to 30’ vines yield 7-9 fruits each, some can weigh in up to 40 pounds, most reach around 20 pounds. The seed was originally purchased by a sailor from the island of Tahiti in the 1960s. They grow well in a range of conditions and store an incredible 9 to 10 months. The dense, orange flesh sweetens in storage. First-rate texture for pies and soups.

15 seeds


Cucurbita moschata

Germination: 7-10 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 70-85ºF

Seed Sowing Depth: 1/2-1" deep

Sowing Indoors: 3-4 weeks before last frost. Provide 70-85ºF soil temperature. Sow 2-3 seeds per cell/pot. Sowing into individual biodegradable peat/cow pots reduces root damage when transplanting. Transplant after last frost, 36-48" apart. 

Sowing Outdoors: Sow after last frost when soil temperature is over 70ºF. Sow a few seeds every 36-48". 

How much does a packet plant: 12-15 foot single row, 3-5 hills

Harvest: Before heavy frost. Determine ripeness when the skin has turned color and becomes dull dry. You will be unable to create a dent when pressing your thumbnail into it. Leave two inches of the stem on the squash and manage carefully so there is no damage which can shorten storage life. Cure for 7-10 days in the sun to harden the rind and increase storage quality. Wipe any debris off skin before storing in a cool dark place with 50-55ºF temperatures and 50-65% humidity.

Tips: Plant in fertile soil, amended with compost or well rotted manure and keep well watered. They benefit from growing on black plastic and by using row covers for weed, insect control, and more rapid growth.

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Neil F.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Insane Fun! Huge and Delicious!

I have had a blast with these squash all summer. I don't have much space, so I grow a lot of things vertically. Regular butternut squash will not climb, but this Tahitian variety is a great climber. I have a huge trellis upon which they grow, and my main problem is that they are so heavy (5-14 lbs each) that my trellis is requiring frequent repairs. The taste and texture is very nice, just like regular butternut, except they're bigger! The seeds I got from Pinetree resulted in 4 plants, each with different shapes and characteristics. Despite regular application of Bt to stop SVB, they eventually got SVB on most of the vines. I thought they were done for, and was getting ready to pull them all out, but after a 2" rain, they made a comeback. After I pruned away the most obviously dead vines, new vines grew off of even the infected "trunks" and I've been getting a second round. They're a little smaller (only 5 or 6 lbs), but still doing surprisingly well. I had the benefit of not growing any squash for 5 years, so I had not SVB lurking in the spring. So don't get too excited thinking these are SVB resistant. If you have the space, grow them horizontally on the ground. But if you have the time and don't mind the effort of building nests for them and managing them on a trellis, you'll have fun that way too.

Clayton B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Tahitian butter nut

Good The squash is going crazy. Never had squash grow so much. They've left the garden and are heading for the woods on one side and across the lawn on the other.

Joanne I.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Tahitian butternut winter squash

My order came promptly. The seeds germinated well. Healthy looking thick stemmed; lots of squash starting to grow. Beautiful. Looked for these seeds for yrs. One I grew yrs. ago reached 30 lbs.!

Bonnie T.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Tahitian Butternut Winter Squash

I grew these last year and am back for new seeds this year. I really liked the squash. They are bigger than regular butternut with long thick necks. Taste is very good. Highly recommend. Love Pinetree.

Beverly J.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Tahitian Butternut Winter Squash

Fantastic. Started 2 plants inside in the Spring; planted them in the garden in May; now have MANY squash growing. Can't wait. We know they are wonderful since we have had them in the past but could not find seeds for many years.