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SWEET SUCCESS CUCUMBER (F1 HYBRID 54 days) -Discontinued

Germ 6-10 days
The All America Winner for 1983. Vine is very vigorous (6’) and could use some support. Fruit is set without pollination (parthenocarpy) and thus is seedless like a greenhouse cucumber but this variety can be grown outside, in the presence of insects. Fruit is 14” long and delicious. 10 seeds

Indoors- Individual biodegradable peat/cowpots 1/2” deep, 3-4 weeks before last frost with soil temperature 70 degrees. Transplant after last frost without disturbing the roots

Outdoors- 1/2” deep after last frost in warm soil at least 70 degrees

Harvest- Pick daily to keep the harvest flowing.

Tips- Plant in fertile soil amended with compost. Mulch and keep well watered. Trellising the vines allows for good air circulation and takes less space than hills and provides shade for heat sensitive crops like lettuce.