Sweet Matcha Green Tea (Organic) 3 oz.

$ 6.50

Derived from premium Japanese green tea leaves and ground finely into a powder, this organic Sweet Matcha Green Tea might just be your new favorite drink. The Sweet Matcha Green Tea blend provides a rich, fresh vegetal flavor with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. Although green tea and matcha both come from the same plant, differences in growing, harvesting, and preparing set them apart, which leads to matcha’s bolder flavor profile. Suggested preparation: sift ½ - 1 tsp into a bowl, then add 2oz of near-bowling while whisking in “W” shape. When a fine froth appears, your matcha is ready to be enjoyed, drink warm or over ice! Mix with milk instead of water to prepare latte style.

Made of pure organic matcha powder and organic sugar. Certified organic, kosher, non-irradiated, non ETO, and contains no artificial ingredients.

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