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Sustane All Natural 8-2-4 Plant Food ***Sold Out***

5 pound bag. This slow release nitrogen fertilizer provides lasting plant nutrition for bedding plants, lawns, annuals and vegetable plants that are high nitrogen feeders. Derived from a 26-week composting process, it is comprised of turkey litter with the addition of hydrolyzed feather meal and potash making this nutrient rich humus essential for quality growth. For use on all organic crops, it contains no bone or meat meal byproducts, no pelletized chicken manure, sewage sludge or industrial waste materials. For lawns broadcast 5 lbs. every 500 ft., for transplanting and existing plants apply 1/4 cup into the hole or side dress around the base of the plant, for new garden preparation apply 1/2 cup for every 10 ft. of bed area. It can also be incorporated into soil mixes at the rate of 1 cup per cubic foot. NPK 8-2-4.
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