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Strawberry Spinach - Organic (Heirloom, 32 days)

Germ 14-21 days
This ancient plant was re-discovered growing at old monasteries and is popular in Europe. Triangular shaped, bite-sized, saw-toothed leaves, have a spinach flavor and are great in salads. Let it flower and it produces slightly sweet, minute strawberry-like fruit at every leaf axle that adds a bright, unique decoration to salads. This plant is a real heat lover making it a supreme choice for greens in the middle of the summer season. An early planting from March still produces leaves here in August. 100 seeds

Outdoors - early spring, 1/8” deep, sow thinly with soil temperature 55 degrees
Harvest - grows all seasons just clip the new, green shoots as they emerge. Use raw in salads or cook like spinach. Harvest the fruit in late summer when they are dark red.
Tips - Grows best in fertile soil and providing adequate water will provide bigger berries.


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