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Straw Bale Gardens Complete

The breakthrough method for growing vegetables anywhere, earlier and with no weeding! By Joel Karsten. I love this book! It gives anyone who wants to garden the opportunity to do so; regardless of toxic soils, concrete backyards or lack of space. You can set the bales up anywhere and because they generate heat as the straw decomposes, it gives you a head start in planting and will yield ripe tomatoes weeks before the other gardens in town. Joel shows you how to condition the bales, set up a drip irrigation, and then plant anything that you would in a regular garden. You use very little soil to start the seed or seedlings and the plant will grow right into the fertilized bale. Potatoes gown this way are planted 8-12 inches down the bale, and when it's time to harvest, just knock the bale over and you have the perfectly clean potatoes ready. You can arrange the bales in different ways or even stack them for multilevel or raised bed that is even easy for someone through the winter into a great soil for you to use next year. Straw bales are not full of seeds so you are virtually weed-free in your garden. Softcover 144 pp

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