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State Half Runner Bean (60 Days, Heirloom)

Phaseolus vulgaris

Heirloom 1800’s

To stake or not to stake – that is the question for State. By definition half runner beans are halfway between bush and pole types. Vines grow to 3’ and will climb but staking is not essential. Beans are relatively short – 4”– but yields are heavy and last over a long period. 

150 seeds



Germination: 4-10 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 70-85 degrees F.

Seed Sowing Depth: 1” deep 

Outside Sowing: After last frost with soil temperatures above 60 degrees F. Sow 3- 4” apart for trellis/pole growth. Planting in soil under 60 degrees results in poor germination. 

How much does a packet plant: 25 foot single row 

Harvest: Before the seeds bulge and beans snap easily. Pick continually every 2-3 days to prolong production.

Tips: Grow in light, well-drained soil, provide adequate, even moisture, especially at flowering time. Dry soil can result in low yields and fibrous pods. Do not over fertilize with nitrogen which results in a surplus of foliage and low, delayed pod growth. Adding inoculant at planting time aids in a larger harvest and more robust plants. 



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Robyn S.
United States

Excellent Product

The seeds have been planted and I have already collected my first harvest. The flavor and quality was delicious. I will be a return customer. Thank you!

Sherry B.
United States


Excellent...After planting the seed the sprouts were healthy and the plants are so green and beautiful. The plants are starting to run now and I'm anxious for the beans to grow..I'm so happy I found your company for my white half runner seed..

Jennifer Hansen
Ohio, USA

OK if you like store-bought frozen or canned beans

These beans reminded us of canned or frozen store-bought beans in shape, consistency, and flavor (they are quite short when compared to regular pole beans; more like regular bush beans). The germination was excellent, plants vigorous and disease resistant, and harvest extremely plentiful. They didn't produce long-term quite as well as normal pole beans, but kept setting a few right up to frost. They did get woody if allowed to get a little on the fat side, so those were compost.

M Cagle

Tasty bean

Around here, all the experienced gardeners and farmers grow 'half-runners'. I lived here about five years before I finally tried them, and discovered they were on to something. They are very tasty versatile beans. You can eat them as green beans, 'shellies' or dried beans. I love them as 'shellies'.