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Whether you have a small back porch or patio, there’s room to grow a garden. This stackable hanging planter can hold a generous amount of vegetables, flowers or herbs and takes up very little space. The durable, clay color plastic pots; stack on top of each other and each pot features an insert with a self-watering reservoir allowing moisture to remain at the roots and then drain down to each level. Additional layers may be purchased to increase the number and variety of plants to make a striking tower effect. No floor space? A 36” chain is included that you can thread through the pots and hang to display. Each layer will hold 5 L (5.28 qt.) of soil. Each pot measures 6" h. x 13 5/8 w".   The total unit with 3 pots stacked measures 15 3/4” h. x 13 5/8” w.