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Product Number: 24501


Germ 5-10 days / LONG DAY
Heirloom 1873
D. M. Ferry Seed wrote in 1930; “This most excellent medium early or main crop red variety produces bulbs of medium to large size, ideally globe shaped with very smooth glossy surface, very small neck and remarkably beautiful purplish red color. Flesh is white, tinged with light purple, mild, very fine grained and tender”. 150 seeds


Indoors- 8-10 weeks before last frost with soil temperatures 60-75 degrees. Plant in flats 1/4” deep, 1/4” apart. Transplant seedlings out mid/late spring, 2-6” apart. Liquid fertilize seedlings every 7-10 days. Seedlings should be about a pencil thick in size at planting time.

Outdoors- Sow lightly, 1/4” deep early spring. Thin to 2-6” apart.

Harvest- Stop watering a week before harvesting. Pull out when tops fall over and skin develops. Cure them by drying them until the neck is dry, out of direct sunlight, in a warm area, and in single layer so air can circulate around them.

Tips- Plant into fertile soil with lots of organic matter and adequate water,1” per week for optimum growth.

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