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How to Grow $500,000 on One Acre & Peace on Earth

By Anna Edey

Isn't that title a grabber? What more could one ask for? Wait, there is more in the second subtitle: "Revealing the Truth About How We Can Provide Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Transportation, Food, Solid Waste and Wastewater Management in Ways that Reduce Pollution and Depletion of Resources by 80 percent or more, and that At The Same Time Reduce Cost of Living and Improve Quality of Life". At first glance, Anna Edey may sound a little 'out there', but isn't that what we need; people who venture beyond conventional thinking to solve problems? Edey has been working on these solutions from her farm in Martha's Vineyard since 1977 and has developed a remarkable "solar dynamic, bio-benign" living system. Edey wisely began her book with a lengthy section of color photographs of her farm, greenhouse, and waste management system that will convince you it exists and works. It will also make you envious of her lifestyle with year-round tomato plants and a salad garden in the kitchen, and a greenhouse that produces 1600 servings of her famous organic salad mix a day; without an artificial heat source! Edey relates the remarkable story of the development of her farm, her research and experiments with greener living designs, and the details of constructing and maintaining them. She also issues a "Call to Action" where she envisions grander uses for her designs; greener schools, businesses, municipal solid waste facilities, even the White House! Softcover 224 pp
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