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Solar Gardening

Growing Vegetables Year Round the American Intensive Way. By Leandre Poisson and Gretchen Vogel Poisson. After reading their initial tirade on ecological doom if we don't develop an organic "solar peasantry", one discovers that the Poissons are really quite amiable people and ingenious farmers. In their 20 years of gardening and research, with a goal of self sufficiency they developed "American Intensive Gardening" - a continuous food producing system in which deep fertile soil and heat assisting devices optimize growing conditions year round. Their extensive findings cover: continuous food harvests in all US zones, soil improvement (with a detailed analysis of soil additives), planting, propagation, harvest, storage, seed saving, and growing over 90 vegetables. Their true genius shines in their "appliances" - several simple, do-it-yourself passive solar devices. They give detailed direction for building your own. Softcover 288pp.
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