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Silver Queen Okra ( Heirloom )

Germ 7-10 days
This okra can grow to a height of 6’. Well branched plants carry unique white/green pods. Very productive if picked young. Dried pods also make a great ornamental, especially in an arrangement with red burgundy okra. 50 seeds


Indoors- Plant in individual biodegradable peat/cowpots 1/2” deep, 4-5 weeks before last frost with soil temperature 70- 80 degrees. Transplant out 12-18” apart last frost.

Outdoors- 1/2 “ deep, 12-18”apartafter last frost when soil is 70 degrees.

Harvest- Clip pods off at 2-4” to keep the plant flowering for more production,

Tips- Plant in fertile soil amended with compost or well rotted manure and keep well watered. You can soak the seeds in warm water for a few hours to hasten germination.

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