Small Seedling Heat Mat 19.5" x 9"

$ 32.95
Provide the perfect germinating condition for your indoor seed starting experience. With a single common seed flat and propagation dome you can be assured the bottom heat it provides will give you the ideal warm soil environment for quicker germination and healthier plants off to a great start. Essential for many flowers, peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants, the heat mat provides uniform heat of 17 watts, 120 volts for warming the root area up to 10-20% more. The thick, waterproof mat has a multi-layer construction that is heat bonded, not glued to stay sealed fur durability and has a 6' power cord. The mat measures 9" x 19.5", the ideal size for one common seed flat or try a variety of seeds with our 20-Row Seedling Flat (H117E). Instructions and tips are printed directly on the mat.