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Seascape Gardening

by Anne Halpin. Ahh - to be lucky enough to have to deal with issues of gardening by the seashore! However, envy aside, seaside gardening has many difficult issues - strong winds that blow in a brace of sand and drying salt, sandy soil, fog, cool springs, fall hurricanes, and winter Nor'easters. The solutions involve growing adaptive plants and creating sheltered havens for less hardy plants. Halpin first offers a brief geography lesson of the area covered in her book, Maine to the Carolinas. Then she discusses planning, design, structures, hardscapes, planting, care, and winterizing for seashore gardens. Then comes the fun part - garden profiles of gorgeous seashore gardens - interesting stories and gardens to lust after! You'll enjoy visiting these gardens and viewing color photos of the lovely landscapes. Another 80 page section showcases trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses that are proven seaside survivors. Softcover 224pp Pub at $19.95

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