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Scarlet Kale (60 days)

Young leaves start out green having violet ribs and veins with the color spreading outward. As the plant ages the leaves become more frilly, growing upright, 24-36” by 24” wide and when it gets hits by frost the color intensifies into a deep burgundy. Similar to Redbor but open pollinated. 

30 seeds


Germination- 3-10 Days

Indoors- 4-6 weeks before last frost, 1/2” deep. Keep well watered and fertilized. Transplant out just before last frost. Start at same time as Broccoli, Cabbage, and Cauliflower.

Outdoors- 1/2” deep, 2-4” apart in early spring with soil temperature 55 degrees. Thin seedling to 12-24” apart. Sow another planting in mid/late summer for fall crops.

Harvest- Pick young leaves starting at 8-10” from the middle upward.

Tips- Leaves become very sweet after frost. Use thinning’s or sow a heavy seeded row every 10-14 days for baby greens.