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Protect your garden from unwanted animal intruders. This motion activated sprinkler will instantly release a short but startling blast of water when it detects an animal, thus scaring them away. This is a safer and more humane way to deter those animals without the use of costly fences, shocks , barriers or chemicals;and it uses a minimal amount of water. This highly sensitive detector senses large and small animals letting you adjust the arc of the spray as well as distance you want to detect the animals. It can range to a 45 foot maximum width, span up to a 35 foot distance, covering approximately 1200 sq. ft. Works day and night for up to 4 months on a single nine volt battery and in windy conditions will automatically dampen sensitivity to reduce false triggering. The 17" stake has a plastic pedal for easy installation. The scarecrow comes with a booklet of step by step instructions to customize it to your yard. Battery not included.
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