Rose Orach Greens (Heirloom 50 Days)

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Orach has been cultivated for 3000 years. Also known as butter leaves or mountain spinach and an excellent spinach substitute. Rose Orach Greens are striking plants eventually growing to 5’ in height, but you can begin harvesting the leaves when the plant is very young. The tenderest leaves are available before the height exceeds 18”. Fully mature plant is very ornamental and can be used in dried arrangements. Rose Orach Greens are primarily used in salads but can also be cooked as you would spinach. 

100 seeds



Atriplex hortensis

Germination: 4-14 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 60-75ºF. 

Seed Sowing Depth: 1/4" deep

Sowing Outdoors: Spring into summer. Sow 2-3 seeds every 1-2", thin to 6-12" apart. Sow a few times a summer for a continuous harvest. 

Harvest: Start harvesting young leaves tips when the plant reaches 10-12"

Tips: Plant Rose Orach greens in average to fertile soil