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Root Pouch 10 gallon ***Sold Out***

These breathable, resilient, lightweight fabric planting containers are made from recycled plastic bottles. A fabric pot, unlike a traditional plastic pot, allows water and air to flow through its walls, nourishing the root structure of the plant. It also does not allow the plant’s roots to circle. Instead, the plant will send out new fibrous roots rather than circle and harm the plant. There are two types of fabric either non degradable or one that is designed to break down over time allowing your plants to expand and grow. The fabric is BPA free and resistant to UV light.  The root pouches are washable, reusable, and have convenient handles.  The 3, 5, and 10 gallon pots are made of the thickest and heaviest degradable fabric which is designed to degrade in 4-5 years and black in color.  The 15 gallon pot is made from a non degradable fabric, meant to be used season after season, and brown in color.
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