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REDVENTURE CELERY (95 days)- Discontinued

Germ 5-7 days
The 1’ tall stalks start out green and turn to an attractive, brilliant red as they mature. The leaves remain a deep green and the hearts are a golden pink with a very sweet mild flavor. Developed and organically grown by Wild Garden Seed of Oregon. 100 seeds


Indoors- 10-12 weeks before last frost, soak seeds 24 hours, plant 1/4” deep. Keep soil at 70-75 degrees and moist. Liquid fertilize seedlings every 7-10 days. Transplant after last frost 8-12” apart.

Harvest- The stalks over 8-10”, from outside in. Entire plant late summer through the fall.

Tips- A heavy feeder. Add compost to planting area then fertilize regularly, mulch and keep moist.

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Catherine Newell
Southern Indiana

Happy with Redventure

I'm a relatively experienced gardener, but I made my first attempt growing celery, a notoriously finicky crop, last year with Redventure. It germinated and transplanted well, but after about a month in the ground, I was disappointed to find 4 of the 6 plants wilting with symptoms of root rot. I don't think this was the plants' fault: it had been a wet year to that point, and knowing celery likes water, I'd planted it in an area that tended to stay wet. Furthermore, I have frequent problems with root rot in parsley, a related species. In my experience, parsley is doomed at the first sign of wilt, but I gave the celery a chance, trimming out the wilting stems and mushy parts of the crown. To my surprise and delight, all the plants recovered. Each of the sick plants started three or four new heads around the sides of the crown. These made small heads, but remained healthy. Once the rain abated, I was cautious with irrigatiion due to the early problems. In the end, I think I didn't give the plants quite enough water, since the stalks were mostly skinny and a lot were hollow. Nevertheless, the plants were productive and the flavor was nice and robust. (I did not blanch them because I like strong celery flavor. The inner stalks were milder.) The pink tint was attractive on most of the plants; I had one of the six plants turn out entirely green. Mid to late summer I was able to start harvesting a few outer stalks for cooking and had a huge armload of celery when I harvested all six plants in fall. I wrapped the heads in damp towels and then stored them in plastic bags in the vegetable drawers of our two refrigerators. They kept well for a month, then gradually started to deteriorate. By picking through it for the good stems, we had celery until Christmas. Celery is not the easiest plant to grow for the home gardener, but I was pleased with my first attempt. Redventure certainly did its part to thrive given my imperfect care. I recommend this cultivar to anyone who wants to give celery a try and hope the description of my adventures and misadventures helps.

M E.
United States

New stickers cover packet flap

terrible. New bar code stickers have been placed over the resealable flaps on all seeds, making using a few seeds and closing the flaps a nightmare and seeds loose in my seed box. Will not order any more until you fix.