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Red Burgundy Okra (55 Days)

Everything on this one is red, the stems, the pods, the flowers and even to some extent the leaves. Truly ornamental but it also bears an abundance of tasty pods. 

50 seeds


Abelmoschus esculentus

Germination: 7-10 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 75-85ºF. 

Seed Sowing Depth: 1/2" deep

Starting Indoors:  Start 4-5 weeks before planting outside. Sow 2-3 seeds per cell/pot, thinning to one per cell/pot. Sowing into individual biodegradable peat/cow pots reduces root damage when transplanting. Provide 75-85ºF soil temperatures. Transplant out after last frost, 12-18” apart. 

Sowing Outdoors: After last frost when soil temperature is over 70ºF. Sow 3-6” apart, thin to 12-18”. 

How much does a packet plant: 20-25 foot single row  

Harvest: Clip pods off at 2-4” to keep the plant flowering for more production.

Tips: Plant in fertile soil, amend with compost before planting if needed. Provide adequate, even moisture for the best growth. Mulching helps retain moisture.

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Michael F.
I recommend this product
Burgundy okra

Growing "like weeds" first blooms coming soon!

Michael S.
United States
I recommend this product
Red Okra

Very pretty plant that you can eat. A very Yummy Super Food... Seed growth is easy, but it always seems to stall out for a month after it gets it's first 6 leaves. Then it starts to grow again, and you get a pod almost every day from each plant..

Emerson D.
United States
Good so far!

Came up faster than the Clemson Spineless.

C. R.
Rabbits ate all but two

A tornado felled a giant tree on my garden last spring, and by the time we got it cleared out it was too late to plant much. I planted a short row of Okra before the tornado, and was thrilled to see every seed sprouted. Then the tree fell. By the time we got the branches off the Okra, they were still growing, but the tornado destroyed the garden fence and the rabbits ate all but two plants. They ate all the lower leaves off the two tallest plants, so they didn't have the energy to produce much. I got two pods big enough to eat before frost. Unfortunately one plant was green; not red. The red one was beautiful. It didn't occur to me to put it into a salad, so we never ate it. I will plant again next spring.

Great okra and very attractive

I originally planted Red Burgundy for the color - I use my front yard for lots of vegetables and wanted a plant with great pods and a little flair. I wasn't disappointed by the pods on that front, but the flowers are also beautiful. The pods are very tender, even when I haven't been able to pick them and they get larger than I would like. I haven't had any reason to try another variety.