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Put 'em Up **sold out**

By Sherri Brooks Vinton. With the great bounty of your garden in hand this book shows you how to be creative with home preserving. Today's modern methods of drying, freezing, canning and pickling make the process easier and safer. These easy step-by-step instructions will have even the most timid beginners filling their pantries and freezers with great vegetables and fruits from their own gardens or local farms. A great way to make exactly what you want with your garden produce instead of just buying what is available. Sherri gives you healthy recipes with a creative twist. There are the basic recipes like my kid's favorite, Dried Apple Rings, a vegetarian version of minced meat, pickled beets with cumin & cloves, spicy carrots, curried cauliflower, black forest sauce, fruit leathers, vin d'orange, spicy peach salsa or sweet pepper jam. Any of these will make a beautiful and flavorful addition to your pantry. Softcover 304pp
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