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Petunia - Purple Wave

This petunia variety was an All-America Winner for 1995, and it's certainly worth all of the accolades (and the price!). The plants display a unique spreading habit, creeping and vining along the ground up to 4'-5'. Height never attains more than 6"-7", so it does not get flattened in heavy rains or wind. The color--an intensely radiant fuchsia-hued purple, --is just lovely, with dark purple veins and throat. The 2"-3" blooms cover the plants from late June till hard frost, and I found they really don't need to be dead-headed. Lush foliage and profuse runners make it well-suited for ground cover, rock gardens, pots and hanging baskets. Petunia seeds are very small and need light to germinate. Spread the seed on top of damp soil and press in gently before watering. Cover the container with clear plastic and place in a warm (70* to 85*F), bright area. DO NOT place in direct sunlight. Seeds should begin to sprout in 7 to 10 days. Remove the plastic and move to a bright, cooler (60* to 65*F) area. You may put petunias under fluorescent lights until they are ready to transplant outside, just keep lights 4" to 6" above the plants, raising the lights as the plants grow. Available as pelleted seed only. 10 seeds pelleted

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Juliana B.
United States

petunia purple wave the first of it's kind

I first heard of this wonderful seed from Jim Crockett, the founder of PBS's victory garden and I thought wow this looks great. And it never lets me down. While there are more wave colors now ,some better than others, the original is still, by far, the best.

United States

Purple Wave Petunia

The first pack of petunias didn't do well. I only got 1 plant to germinate. I sent Pinetree an email explaining this and they sent me another pack of seeds. I want to thank you for sending me another pack of seeds. I got 7 plants out of the second pack and they are doing great. Also the i plant from the first pack looks beautiful. Now all we need is some warmer weather so I can safely pant them.

Charles S.
United States

Petunia Purple Wave

I always like the Purple Wave I buy from Pinetree And as always I love Pinetree.