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PRIMA ROSA CHARD (25-50 days)

After a long winter, planting a patch of vibrant garnet colored chard will surely give you hope for the warm weather that is to come. Harvest baby greens (similar in appearance to beet greens) for salad and mix in with other early baby greens like kale, mustard, arugula, and lettuce. As is warms and grows, the foliage morphs into a deep crimson red and holds on to its tender texture for a mature harvest. 75 seeds.


Outdoors- Early spring, a few weeks before last frost. Plant 1/2’ deep, 3-4” apart, thin 10-15” apart for large plants, less for smaller harvests.

Harvest- Remove outer leaves starting at 6”. Use the leaves and center ribs cooked or raw.

Tips- Plant every 14 days for continuous full plant harvest, use thinning’s or seed a heavy row for baby greens.

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