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Plant Personalities

by Carol Klein. Is that plant flamboyant, frivolous, or shy and retiring? In this marvelous look at herbaceous plants, Carol Klein categorizes them by personality traits and shows how mixing diverse personalities makes a vibrant garden. She has Bread and Butter plants, the stalwarts of the garden, Cinderella plants that shoot to stardom, then disappear, and Shooting Stars, short lived but exciting. Also to be found are the Will-O-the-Wisps and Wafty Whisperers that add light and movement, Prickly Customers and Soft Touches, that add texture, and the Dainty and Detailed. Making bolder statements are the Gatecrashers, uninvited self-seeders, the Seductive Sophisticates, subtle yet charismatic, and those Drama Queens that demand attention. Klein enthusiastically introduces readers to great varieties with wonderful descriptions and discusses their cultivation. Each plants personality is further showcased in exquisite close-up color photographs (most full page) that are works of art themselves and would be lovely framed. Hardcover 176pp PUB at $29.95