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Picolino Cucumber (F1 Hybrid 52 Days)

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Mini English cucumber with tender, thin skin; and a crisp and sweet taste all from 4” fruits that can be grown in the garden or a green house. It will be hard not to eat all these little guys straight from the vine but with the high yields from the all-female flowers (parthenocarpic, fruits set without pollination) you will be inundated. Keep picking continuously for a long harvest. Resistant to: Mosaic Virus, Vein Yellows Virus, Powdery Mildew, Scab, Target Leaf Spot. 

 5 seeds


Cucumis sativus

Germination: 4-10 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 70-85ºF

Seed Sowing Depth: 1/2-1" deep

Sowing Indoors: 3-4 weeks before the last frost. Provide 70-85ºF soil temperature. Sow 2-3 seeds per cell/pot. Sowing into individual biodegradable peat/cow pots reduces root damage when transplanting. Transplant 36-48" apart after the last frost. 

Sowing Outdoors: Sow after the last frost when the soil temperature is over 70ºF. Sow a few seeds every 36-48". 

Harvest: Check and pick every day to keep the harvest flowing.

Tips: Plant in fertile soil, amended with compost or well-rotted manure, and keep well watered. Trellising the vines allow for good air circulation, takes up less space, and provides shade for heat-sensitive crops like lettuce. They benefit from growing on black plastic and by using row covers for weed, insect control, and more rapid growth.

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Janell L. Beach
United States United States
Nice Little Pickle!

Started indoors and are picking small cukes almost every day. Great for eating with the skin on.

Laura S.
United States United States
Great, especially if you don't have many bees

The Picolino cucumbers are great. The seedlings are a little fragile, but once the plants start climbing they are very tough. I'm having a hard time attracting bees to my suburban garden, but these plants keep setting lots of tasty, seedless cucumbers without any bees. Vines do need to climb, but they have a short nice length so a fairly short fence or trellis is sufficient. The cucumbers are tasty from gherkin size to whole dill size. The fruits get long before they get fat, so for salad use I like them about 4" long but only about 1" in diameter. At that size, they make petite, truly bite-size slices. Delivery took a few weeks, but I was warned about that in advance and the seeds were delivered when promised.

Wayne M.
United States United States
To early to evaluate

Great experience from ordering to receiving the seeds. Picolini has been started and seedlings are emerging! That is what I know at the moment.

United States United States
Extremely productive and vigorous; a real winner for me

These vines are veritable cucumber factories, producing lots of cucumbers continuously and surviving for a long time against heat, humidity, and disease pressure. As advertised, if you're not growing any other cucumber varieties nearby, they are essentially seedless. The skin is thin and easy to chew, and the flavor is quite good. There aren't always bees in my yard, but even without the bees nearly every flower turns into a cucumber. And there are a lot of flowers. Once the plant gets some size, one plant will make enough for salads and snacking. If you plant several plants, you'll have plenty for pickling or sharing with friends and neighbors. This is a vining cucumber, but the internode distance is shorter than many other cucumbers, so the vine length stays manageable for a long time. The vine will eventually get pretty long if you have a long growing season, but it won't take over the garden from day 1 like some other cucumbers I have grown.