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Opal Basil

Ocimum Basilicum

Grown for both culinary and ornamental uses,first discovered in the early 1800’s, it is a sweet basil cultivar with deep purple glossy leaves and lilac flowers making it a beautiful ornamental plant too. Opal makes wonderful aromatic oils, vinegars and colorful pestos.

100 seeds




Germination:  5-10 days

Seed Planting Depth:  Lightly cover

Seeding Indoors/Outdoors:   Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Provide 65-70 degrees soil temperatures.Transplant 6-12" apart. Sow outdoors in the late spring when soil warms to 70 degrees. Thin to 4-12" apart , less space apart for baby sized basil and more for mature plants.

Light  Needs:  Sun 

Soil Needs: Fertile, moist soil

Uses:  Culinary, medicinal, attracts bees and beneficials.

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